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Re: New logo.
« Reply #60 on: September 06, 2010, 12:37:01 pm »
Thanks, but the text needs to fill more of the area.  There shouldn't be much of a gap around the 281x98, and the blue colour for "Pinguy" should be lighter and the pink? (colour blind) for "OS" needs to be a darker red/pink.

If you overlay the old web header with the new one they should be the same accept for the star logo should be the logo for Pinguy OS. but about the same size as the star.

At the moment the text is to far over to the right. it should fill more of the area so there isn't much of a gap to it's left and needs to come down some more.  If the text was larger it may fit better, and to be honest the reflection can go. It can't be seen on the old header on the site so I don't think its a big deal if it's left off.
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